Premio Michetti 73th Edition

Figura, figurae. L’immagine delle immagini, curated by Nunzio Giustozzi

Velasco Vitali's painting Goldwatch #13 has been selected the winner of 73rd Edition of Premio Michetti "Figura, figurae. L'immagine delle immagini" curated by Nunzio Giustozzi in collaboration with Museum Barbella from Chieti and L'ordine dei giornalisti d'Abruzzo.

The exhibition is open until 21st September 2022



Conceived as a poetic metaphor for the conflict between good and evil which may arise within a community, Velasco Vitali's Il Branco is a large sculptural installation consisting of more than 50 life-size dogs sculpted in iron, corten, resins and bitumen, steel and gold, all materials which are often recycled from building abuses.

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Animali a Corte. Vite mai viste nei Giardini Reali

The Animals at Court. Lives never seen in the Royal Gardens is part of the larger Lives on Earth project, which began in December 2021 with the exhibition Animals from A to Z. An exhibition dedicated to children.

The exhibition focuses on works created by Italian artists who wanted to interpret the animal world and represent its different species, each using a unique expressive language and a special executive technique, as well as different materials.

The exhibition is open until 16th October 2022

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The sculpture "Landing" is installed in the Internal Court of Mole Vanvitelliana, in Ancona

Iron and steeel sculptures "Red Forest" are on the main square of S. Pietro all'Olmo

From 3rd March 2013 an installation in iron and cement will be permanently shown at Vittoriale degli Italiani, Gardone Riviera, Brescia