Goldwatch, Villa Mirabello, Vittoriale degli Italiani - Gardone (BS)

Ends 31 December

The works on view at Villa Mirabello are the first en-plain-air reportages painted at the beginning of March 2020 (during the lockdown): these are reserches from which the entire GOLDWATCH project generated.

For the visitors of the Vittoriale it is an opportunity to discover the secret side of the evolution of an artistic project and an opportunity to appreciate the most intense and analytical part of the artist whose "white dogs" have kept company to il Vate (the Poet) at the top of the Vittoriale part (at the Mausoleum).


Una infinita bellezza

The exhibition Una infinita bellezza. The Landscape in Italy from romantic painting to contemporary art, Venaria Reale Turin

Housed in the imposing Citroniera Juvarriana of the Reggia di Venaria, once a shelter for the citrus plants of the Gardens - intends to document this attention and passion by presenting over 200 works including paintings, photographs, videos and installations..

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Spazi Capaci - Comunità Capaci

The Spazi Capaci / Comunità Capaci project was inaugurated on May 23, in the presence of the Head of State Sergio Mattarella, an initiative of the Falcone Foundation and the Ministry of Education which, through art, aims to renew the relationship between cities and citizens for too long suspended due to the health emergency.
In the courtyard of the Aula Bunker dell’Ucciardone, there is a colossal "Branco" installation, 54 life-size dogs, sculptures in iron, sheet metal and concrete.

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Art and Nature

Carlo Bilotti Museum Orangery of Villa Borghese, Rome 

An exhibition project that reflects on the future of the world and on the need to build a new relationship with nature. The exhibition offers a selection thet embraces a wide time span from the first decades of the twentieth century to the present day.

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New display in Bellano.

Goldwatch was born as a family project on the 20th of March 2020. Due to the abrupt sequestration the family was split between two households. 

It was imagined and materialised over 48 days throughout my Instagram profile (@velascovitali)

It’s a narration of a peculiar period of physical isolation unfolded in a series of images depicted in confinement within the walls of a garden adjacent to the studio. It's a metaphor of the moment in life in which the hours are all the same and like the space, have acquired new dimension. Compelled to new intimacy  both time and space have to be measured in somehow different units.

GOLDWATCH was shown at ASSAB ONE gallery in Milan and is currently on display at Il Circolo in Bellano

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The sculpture "Landing" is installed in the Internal Court of Mole Vanvitelliana, in Ancona

Iron and steeel sculptures "Red Forest" are on the main square of S. Pietro all'Olmo

From 3rd March 2013 an installation in iron and cement will be permanently shown at Vittoriale degli Italiani, Gardone Riviera, Brescia