Mostra curata dalle studentesse e dagli studenti
del secondo anno della Laurea Magistrale
in Arte, valorizzazione e mercato
dell’Università IULM

The installation is introduced by a 2011 video entitled Kolmanskop (directed by Francesco Clerici).
IULM's Exhibition Hall is transformed into an earthquake-stricken landscape, occupied by ruins. These are elements that preserve an almost metaphysical and abstract value consisting mainly of large blocks of welded sheet metal and sculptures entitled air: iron hot air balloons, suspended or trapped on the ground among the ruins.
"The exhibition unfolds through a collapsed reality that can be observed from different points of view: so that from a fragmentary expanse of rubble a unitary constant can be glimpsed, from which a new landscape can be prefigured."
The painting entitled "erased landscape" and the drawings, with the same title, referring to the Valtellina flood of 1987, dominate the scene as a reportage of the invasion of nature on the man-made space, this section is conceived as a negotiation between past and present and between the different elements that make up the installation.