The volume collects drawings of various techniques on some themes taken from the Old and New Testaments.

A project that collects part of the works created over the years for "Il Corriere della Sera" and the Lectionario. The aim is to get to use the passages of the Bible as a "colored alphabet" (the expression is from Chagall) to draw on to tell the fundamental themes of life.

The book consists of two sections, the first with black and white drawings on Genesis, a second with 96 color pages, illustrated with mixed-technique drawings on paper (collage, watercolors, pencils, pastels) which refer to the great themes of the Bible: Money, Power, Justice, Love, Betrayal, Desire, Strength and Passion, Commerce, Incredulity, Prayer, Faith and some images of Christian iconography such as the Eucharist, the Resurrection, the Ascension.

The critical texts of "Apriti cielo" are edited by Elisabetta Sgarbi and Armando Torno.