Alessandro De Lisi

"Branco" is an installation of 54 life-size dogs set up in the courtyard of the Ucciardone Bunker Hall; sculptures made of iron, sheet metal, lead, tar and cement for the "Spazi Capaci" project conceived by Alessandro De Lisi and organized by Falcone Foundation. The installation was inaugurated on May 23, 2021 - the anniversary of the death of Judge Giovanni Falcone and has been positioned for a few days inside the courtroom, between the benches of the court and the prison cells, where the historic ‘maxi-trial’ – the largest ever trial against the Cosa Nostra was conducted. Like sentinels guarding the truth, the group of animals here represents the clash between good and evil, the hunger for criminal power and the abuse of society by the mafia, as well as the reaction against it and civil struggle.

53 sculptures (like the years of Giovanni Falcone when he died) plus one, all in gold, alone to watch over the vault where the investigation documentation of the first maxi trial is kept, a wish so that justice shall pursue undisturbed.