Castel Ivano
a cura di Denis Isaia,
Emanuele Montibeller
in collaborazione con Arte Sella

Monument to resistance is a project conceived in collaboration with Arte Sella, divided in two locations. It's artist s a new sculpture configuration of the "packs of dogs" for a double exhibition held in the sculpture garden of the Mart and in Castel Ivano (from 12 July to 13 September 2020).
The sculptures are made with materials sourced on building sites, such as iron, tar, lead, metal mesh and concrete. This series was inspired by the observation of unauthorised building and the unfinished projects dotted throughout Italy: threatening, odd and silent, the packs shift the debate over the fragility of our landscape and its protection onto an extremely human level. The resistance mentioned in the title therefore appears to be a form of adaptation that invites the public to empathise with the relationship with nature.