M77 Gallery
a cura di Danilo Eccher

The exhibition curated by Danilo Eccher, is conceived as a single large-scale exhibition project and is a tribute to the city of Milan.

The large entrance hall is entirely occupied by a large canvas, depicting an alpine landscape: they are the Lombard Prealps, at the center of which stand the Grigna and Resegone. The work is inspired by the famous drawing that Leonardo da Vinci makes from the Milan Cathedral. A small study of this design is found on the edge of a sheet preserved in the Pinacoteca Ambrosiana. Other studies related to this profile of the Alps are
preserved in the Atlantic Code.

The large painting, an oversized enlargement inspired by those drawings, is mirrored, doubling as in a double vision, in a water tank that replicates the dimensions of the canvas. A metaphor for the change of perspective: the reflection in the water complicates the vision and understanding of the work, adding a further reading layer.

In a second environment, the Duomo of Milan is resumed at four different times of the day: morning, noon, afternoon and night. This section of works takes inspiration from another important figure in the history of art, Claude Monet (1840-1926), who decided to conduct his research on lighting on a national icon monument, the cathedral of Rouen. In this series of thirty works, the French artist tried to demonstrate how the perception we have of reality was different from its objective aspect: in the perception of the world light, movement and weather conditions come into play so that every moment is different from the next. This reflection on language is taken to the extreme by excluding the chromatic dimension, thus limiting painting to a dialogue on black and white.