5th March - 25th May

M77 Gallery is pleased to present "Venduta"- a solo show by Velasco Vitali, curated by Danilo Eccher, lasting from Tuesday 5th of March till Saturday 25th of May. The exhibition installed on two floors of the gallery is conceived as a single grand visual project and is a homage to the city of Milan and Leonardo da Vinci.



Velasco Vitali takes us on a journey inspired by Marco Polo’s “Il Milione”(Book of the Marvels of the world). Il Milione is not the diary of a trip, but a told story dictated 26 years after the Asian crossing, by a Marco Polo imprisoned in Genova.

It is an escape through the imaginary labyrinths of his memory, a mental and narrative invention in which the events remembered are still, inexhaustible and immovable images.
Velasco translates them into solid but undefinable sculptures that suggest a journey and at the same time a scam: a lie told by the memory, by the story, of an impossible to verify oral tradition that can yet inspire visions and be transmitted.



The sculpture "Landing" is installed in the Internal Court of Mole Vanvitelliana, in Ancona

Iron and steeel sculptures "Red Forest" are on the main square of S. Pietro all'Olmo

From 3rd March 2013 an installation in iron and cement will be permanently shown at Vittoriale degli Italiani, Gardone Riviera, Brescia


ArchiViVitali is a cultural and non-profit organization that aims to conserve, protect, promote the name and work of three authors that share the same last name and place of birth: the writer Andrea Vitali, the painter and engraver Giancarlo Vitali, the painter and sculptor Velasco Vitali, all residents in Bellano, on the eastern shore of Lake Como.