Curated by Danilo Eccher, Veduta is a project combining two separate inquiries into the meaning of painting practice displayed as one exhibition set-up. It is physically divided into two bodies of work: a tribute to landscape and heritage; alpine scenery and the Milan Cathedral.

Veduta is inspired by a little known drawing; a small sketch on the side of a page, at the centre of which is a drawing of a foot, most likely drawn by Francesco Melzi - Leonardo’s student. The master's sketch represents alpine landscape, with mount Grigna and Resegone peaks in the centre. Studying the panorama further, magnifying it and adding personal and autobiographical elements by saturating it with vivid colours led to creation of a monumental painting: 2 meters high and over 10 meters wide. The landscape is mirrored in a water tank that replicates the dimensions of the canvas. An implied metaphor for the change of perspective: the reflection in the water distances the viewer and complicates the vision and understanding of the work, adding a further reading layer.